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Mama Lou is Back on Board

Sheryll, Mama Lou and Chief Housekeeper Agnello D’Souza. Notice her stuffed animals hanging on her walker, these little things she gives away and it makes her happy.

A few days before the September 6 cruise, I know Mama Lou will be on board again soon.

I saw her on the second day of the cruise, and of course I knew she was around by the honking of her horn! I quickly jumped on my feet and hugged Mama Lou. Even before I asked her to sit down, she goes on and on with her brief stay at home and how happy she is that she’s back on board.

This time she is on board for her anniversary on the 9th of September. Mama Lou paused, smiled and said with a very hearty laugh, “should be our 67th anniversary … if he were still alive.”

For days I had not seen Mama Lou — it was three consecutive ports so I am pretty certain that she was busy enjoying herself.

Glacier Bay morning, her distinct voice tells me she is nearby. She is wearing the cabin steward’s uniform with seven name tags of crew members pinned on her shirt. I jokingly made a livid face and asked why she never visited me the past days? She leaned and whispered that she met someone on board and been spending time with him especially for lunch and dinner in the Lido Restaurant. I gave her a disapproving look and Mama Lou laughed saying that he is an adorable 11-year-old boy! She kept on talking on how polite and well-mannered Bryce was. We were chuckling and chattering, when Chief Housekeeper Agnello passed by and I pointed out that one of his cabin stewards is not working … for a second he had a surprised look on his face, and then he saw Mama Lou in uniform and suddenly laughed.

Sheryll Tiangco is Veendam’s cruise sales consultant.

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