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Fire Guards Keep Veendam Safe During Dry-Dock

First Officer Jan Westerbeek sent us this “hot” story and photos from Veendam’s dry-dock.

In March we received instruction from Seattle to prepare 100 crew members for fire-watch duties during the Signature of Excellence 2 dry-dock. All fire guards were selected from the hotel department. They were extensively trained by following a Learning Management System course called “Introduction to Marine Firefighting.” They all received a certificate after attending these trainings.

Furthermore, they were provided with personal protective equipment, coverall, helmet and name badge so they were recognizable to everyone as an active and respectful fire guard. Their most important weapon was the spray bottle and secondly the usual fire extinguisher.

During the dry-dock period they were working in three shifts around the clock. They organized their own office with three foremen in the Dining Room on Deck 7.

At the moment this fanatic group of fire guards is making sure that all crew (464) and contractors (890) can work safely and sleep safely on board the Veendam. The yard also provided their own fire guards, so we do rely only on our own fire guards.

The below pictures show the organization of their quarters and some of them in action and the major part of the 100 fire guards trained for this important job.



ve_fireguards_2 ve_fireguards_4

  • bdnaylor

    We have sailed on the Veendam a couple of times before and are looking forward to our next voyage through the Panama starting May 1st. It will be interesting to experience the changes and renovations presently being carried out. We have enjoyed the blogs updating the progress being made and look forward to what we are sure will be another exciting and enjoyable cruise with Holland America.

    See you all soon.

  • shipcafe

    Great to know that the Veendam is safe, sound, and in good hands!

    We all can’t wait to see more photo updates of the physical work being done to the ship!

  • ShipsAreTheBest

    Looking forward to a 14-day Alaskan cruise this summer aboard the Veendam. I know that the one of the most perilous times in a ship’s life from a fire safety point of view is when she is undergoing repairs/renovations. Glad to read about your precautions to keep the ship and her crew safe! In reality, these 100 individuals are the most important aboard until the work is complete and Veendam returns to sea.

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