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Statendam Dry Dock: Day 3

Here are more photos from Teresa Papp, Statendam’s even manager, following the progress of the ship’s dry dock.

Hundreds of people are working on the shops and the casino area.

This concrete cannon will be taken off the ship. It weighs over 2,200 pounds.

Look at all the carpet in the background!

All railings and handrails around the ship are covered and protected from sharp objects.

Contractors at work in the Lido midship.

A crew member working.

  • Joe Russo

    What was the concrete cannon for? Was it artwork? What is the history with this thing?
    It is a little too odd to just show us something like a concrete cannon on this blog and not explain what the heck it is doing there 😉

  • Grant

    I see the deconstruction and no construction, so given that the ship sails from Port Everglades on the 11th of April, will this refit be completed or will there still be construction going on during the 14 day cruise?

    I request that you really pretty up suite 036.

  • Julie

    Hi Grant,
    We’re behind on these posts, as we post them when we receive them. So “Day 3” was actually March 29. The ship is scheduled to be on time and ready to sail April 11. We’ll make sure suite 036 gets extra upgrades 😉

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