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‘Rhymedam’ vs. Ryndam

HAL Mariner Lynn Hardey sent us this note and photo of her most recent creation — “Rhymedam” — that she built during her recent cruise on Ryndam. To date we have featured five of her previous creations — Halraiserdam, Zippidydam, Spamdam, Waytoofinedam and Woohoodam — on the blog.

Here is my latest successful creation, the “Rhymedam.” PS…I absolutely love the Ryndam. The ports of call were the best, loved Belize, Key West and Honduras.

Lynn Hardey
HAL Mariner

The Rhymedam.

  • Denise P

    Lynn, do you dismantle your wonderful creations and take them home to reuse or do you always start from scratch? How long does it take you to make them?

  • Julie

    We got in touch with Lynn and this is what she told us: Most of my ships are kept by the ship. They like to display them after the competition. I currently have about 6 ships sailing the oceans right now. The ones that are not kept are dismantled and thrown away. I do start from scratch on each ship. I usually put about an hour a day into them. On seven day cruises, lots of details get left out. On 10 day cruises, much more detail.

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