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Training a New Group of Leader-Managers on Rotterdam

Back row from left: Margaretha Alleman, assistant dining room manager; Judy Hu, assistant shore excursions manager, and Sophie Wagenaar, telephone concierge. Front row from left: Ronald de Bloeme, environmental officer; Ferdinand Don Griot, Pinnacle Grill manager; Anthony Garofalo, crew purser (facilitator), and Ad Oskam, assistant dining room manager (in training). Not Pictured: Catherine Williams, first officer.

One of my favorite parts of my job is all of the training I get to facilitate. As you know, I am particularly fond of FISH! and I’ve been lucky enough to have been facilitating that on board, as well as in our hotels in Alaska. I also facilitate a course titled “Leadership in Action.”

LIA, as we call it, is an intensive workshop-style course that focuses on being a leader-manger, rather than just a manager. We focus on topics such as managing change, training and development, and influencing your leaders. The course draws on all sorts of resources and focuses on real-life experiences and discussion rather than simply classroom learning. It’s a great opportunity for those who are about to be promoted to prepare for the next big step, but also a great opportunity for our leaders to sharpen their skills and work toward a happier, more engaged staff.

Recently I facilitated an LIA course on board Rotterdam. Our participants included our environmental officer, two assistant dining room managers, a telephone concierge, an assistant shore excursions manager, our Pinnacle Grill manager and also our first officer. The range of different experiences and responsibilities proved at all times to provide interesting perspectives into the topics of discussion. It also helped the participants see different viewpoints and look at a problem from different angles.

Though I am sad to see a long-term course like this end, I am glad to see these leaders emerge with a new outlook on their jobs and the company.

  • hawkeye372

    I was on the amsterdam when she sailed the asia/pacific area, I remember judy hu. She is a great person and treated us with care.

  • hawkeye372

    I forgot to say from the dittmars

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