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King Neptune Ceremony on Rotterdam

Crossing the equator is a momentous event and requires the permission of King Neptune. The seafaring tradition aboard ships has been around for as long as anyone can remember. The festivities are marked by the appearance of King Neptune, Chief of the Water Deities. The symbol of power is the trident — a spear with three points. He uses this powerful staff to shatter rocks and call for or subdue storms. Neptune created the horse and upon these powerful creatures, with their brazen hoofs and golden names, drew his chariot over the sea, which became smooth before him.

Thus, we honor Neptune in return for safe passage and smooth waters. Naturally, there must be a sacrifice to Neptune! “Pollywogs” are crew members that have not yet sailed across the equator. A sampling of them will be brought before the great King and his mermaid Queen to be judged.

King Neptune and his Queen.

Pollywogs and pirates.

Pollywog being gooped by doctors and nurses.

Pollywog kissing the fish.

Natalie Ansari is Rotterdam’s human resources manager.

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  • Anita Doc

    What kind of fish is it?

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