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Family Snapshot at the Pyramids of Egypt

Here’s the only photo I have with me in it in front of the pyramids of Egypt. Of the over 11,000 photos I took that trip, there are 6 with me in them; I’m the “mom” in the middle of the photo. Our whole family was there as we were celebrating our daughter’s wedding – I performed their ceremony at the Acropolis in Athens the day before we boarded the ship. We sailed on the beautiful Rotterdam for two weeks in October of 2009. We are currently preparing for our August 2 return to the Rotterdam to celebrate our youngest son’s wedding. The countdown to sail-away continues! We’re hoping for our older son to get married soon so we can prepare for a South America cruise to celebrate his happiness.

Smooth Sailing!

Gerry Postnikoff
Saskatoon, Canada

At the Pyramids of Egypt.

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