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From the Desk of Prinsendam Captain Jeroen Schuchmann

As you may know, the beloved Prinsendam will soon bid a final farewell as she leaves the Holland America Line fleet July 1, 2019, after 17 years. As our most intimate ship, she’s long been a guest favorite known for offering unique cruising experiences. But she isn’t leaving without saying goodbye. There are still upcoming itineraries available, and you’re invited to join us on board one last time.

Prinsendam will explore the Amazon roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale in November, then offer two Caribbean cruises through the holidays. Once again, she will sail our in-depth 80-Day Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage, and her last circumnavigation will certainly be among her most memorable. Following that journey, the ship then makes way to Europe where she will spend her last few months in the Holland America Line family. The diverse collection of voyages is homage to the itineraries the ship has offered while serving in our fleet: the Mediterranean, Iberian Peninsula, British Isles and Norway, making her final farewell on a 14-day expedition to the North Cape.

I’ve had the good fortune to command Prinsendam for the past few years, and I’ve always appreciated her size. It has allowed us to explore the world’s remote corners in style while creating a strong sense of camaraderie among her guests. It also enables our staff and crew to delight guests with the award-winning service and amenities that are hallmarks of Holland America Line.

I do hope you will join us in celebrating Prinsendam on one of her final Holland America Line sailings. I look forward to welcoming you on board to celebrate this special ship.

Warmest Regards,
Captain Jeroen Schuchmann

  • Arleen Hinds

    I sailed on the inaugural voyage of the Prinsendam and out of the 40 cruises I have taken it remains the most memorable.

  • Mary Myers

    Sailed on the Prinsendam in June 2016 on the Norway north cape voyage. Loved it! I am booked for the same trip in June 2019. Prinsendam’s last trip.

  • Jacqueline Rich

    As a 4 star mariner I have about 299 days on board HAL and, I think, close to 100 are on the Prinsendam, our favourite ship, because we preferred 30 day or longer voyages. When my husband became ill we had to cancel the Brazil trip which was 45 days in 2016. When he died in 2017, I booked that cruise and loved every second. I took him with me in memories of our favourite ship. It is special. The service has changed, there used to be a cruise director that had activities every sea day, awarded points for games and exchanged the points for HAL products – sweat shirts, mugs, etc. That has disapeared from all your ships. It was a benefit on the long voyages and passengers mixed and met much more than they do now. At least Prinsendam is smaller, better chance to meet like minded people. I did. It helped to talk to someone as I travelled this voyage alone.

  • Bob Thoms

    I’ve been sailing with HAL since 2011, and discovered Prinsendam on a cruise in the Mediterranean. It was “love at first sight”!! I will be taking my fourth cruise aboard her in March 2019, hoping to add more fond memories on this wonderful ship. Thank you HAL for creating that “intimate and down home” atmosphere that only the Prinsendam can create. She will be sorely missed!!
    I sincerely hope that this sale doesn’t make HAL “just another cruise line”

  • Jane

    My sister and I first enjoyed MS Prinsendam in the fall of 2009 when we sailed from Piraeus, Greece for a Mediterranean Cruise and then a trans-Atlantic, ending in Ft. Lauderdale. We loved the ship! We will be saying our farewell to her on our December 2018 Christmas/New Year cruise. I have loved every HAL cruise I’ve been fortunate enough to take, but none of the other ships has Prinsendam’s intimate charm.

  • Hue Rim

    My husband and I sailed on Prinsendam earlier this year, 68 days S America, Antarctica, and Amazon. Fantastic crews on board, and fantastic itinerary! Glad that we had chance to experience the ship!!!

  • E-Aalders

    We sailed several times with Holland American Line but the Prinsendam was by far the best.She is elegant,has a nice shape,the other ships dont have.

  • Brian & Lesley Crews

    As 4 star Mariners we are sad like many others to see the Prinsendam retired. We were booked on it for November 2019 but this has obviously been changed.
    The laudits from the Captain emphasize the other blog comments. It is disappointing that there have been no comments from HAL management explaining why there is no like replacement for the Prinsendam.
    Maybe Holland America will become just like any other cruise line as another comment stated.

  • Chris Barrett

    We are 3 star Mariners who have so enjoyed memorable voyages with you on several of your beautiful ships, but our voyage on MS Prinsendam in 2016 to the high Arctic, Svarlbaard, the polar ice cap, was extra special. Prinsendam is the epitome of a classic and elegant smaller ship. We were hoping to sail on her again but that is not to be. Fond memories of her will stay with us.

  • Robert Wagner

    After having sailing on all HAL s different ships the Prinsendam was our favorite
    Why is she being taken out of service ?

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