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Congratulations on 25 & 30 Years of Service

Oosterdam recently honored Barman William B. Lee with a 25 Years of Service pin and Assistant Housekeeper Cipto Adhi with a 30 Years of Service ring.

Left to right Hotel Manager Marcella Himmelreich, Barman William B. Lee, Captain Arjen C. van der Loo

Captain Arjen C. van der Loo presenting Cipto with his 30 year ring.

AnneMarie is Oosterdam’s human resources manager.

  • suprabowo ferry

    Congratulations to l ‘ award and give l ‘ ring of 30 years, always good luck. Greetings from the family in Bandung, Indonesia

  • Tim Homerding

    Congratulations William on 25 years!! You have served us on a number of cruises and always kept us laughing. Julie and I wish you the best…..and the next vodka tonic is on me!

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