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The Tooth Fairy Visits Noordam

One of Noordam’s younger guests, Kara, was about to lose her front tooth and told me on the gangway that she was concerned that the Tooth Fairy might not be able to find her here in Europe, plus she was wondering if she will get a dollar or Euro. I assured her that the Tooth Fairy will track her down and will most likely give her a Euro like she does for all of the other little girls here in Europe.

So, what to do? We coordinated with her dad to find out when the tooth came out and had Kara put it under the pillow. When she was fast asleep we removed the tooth, slipped a 1 Euro coin under her pillow and sprinkled fairy dust from her pillow all the way out onto the balcony like a trail. We also left a certificate and a a small goodie plate with balloons on her side table with a handwritten note from the Tooth Fairy:

“Dear Little Kara, Thank you for the generous donation of your front toothie. Here’s a certificate for you to keep always. Sweet dreams with lots of love & kisses — The Tooth Fairy!” We had one happy guest!

Kara finding her goodies!

Mark Pells is Noordam’s hotel manager.

  • Patricia B

    Well done, Mr Pells! What a fantastic story! This is just one more example of HAL’s sincere efforts to attain the Signature of Excellence it is known for. Congratulations to Kara and thanks to Mr Pells!

  • Ben

    Nice and funny story, thanks fore sharing.

    Greetings from the home port Rotterdam,

  • Almuth

    How far did the tooth-fairy have to fly to find Kara ? I think this is a great story she will not forget, neither will her parents. I am certain that when the next tooth gets wobbly Kara will ask to go back to “Noordam” (:>) ! Well done, Mr. Pells !

  • Claudia

    Well done Patricia and Angelo form the NL!!! You did a great job following up everyday with Kara to see the status of her tooth and preparing everything to surprise her!!!! Thanks for all your help to make her dream, come true!!!!

  • Ann

    Mark, you are an allstar! Thanks for making all of us at HAL look good.

  • Eric

    Greetings to our friends at HAL and the Noordam. Kara’s mom and I would like to thank you for this great experience for Kara. It was truly a special moment in her life losing her first tooth while sailing near Mt.Stromboli. The folks (especially you Mark and your Neptune staff Patricia and Angelo) on the Noordam are first class and were so wonderful with Kara and our son Parker on the trip. By the way, Patricia can sure sing! We can’t wait for the next journey with you all. And by the way, Kara lost her second tooth today (Sept 15), so the US Tooth Fairy should be arriving later tonight, and I would think US currency may be involved this time.
    Thanks again Mark. We miss you guys, Eric

  • Trish

    You always were a softy!!!
    Nice story

  • Eric

    Update to this story. We still travel on HAL and love it. Kara is now a teenager in High School and we love seeing this story still to this day. Kara is now a 4 star mariner from our travels with HAL. Thanks for the great memories.

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