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Noordam Crew Celebrate Mardi Gras

As a tribute to Mardi Gras and the Big Easy, we, here on the Noordam, had a proper Mardi Gras celebration by nightfall.

Upon entering the Petty Officer’s Bar, one was greeted by a silhouette of Louis Armstrong blowing his trumpet along with a surplus of tinsel and streamers. It is probable that the P.O. will never look as much like a low-ceilinged bar on Bourbon St. again. The mood and music were lively and the espresso martinis were delightful. There was literally enough candy and cheesecake to feed a small army. Just after midnight the “I’m on a boat” video parody debuted to much laughter and applause. This short video honored the hardworking crew by showing a video montage of what can only be described as “Noordancing.”

This taste of Mardi Gras was planned and organized by our own David Valentine. If you couldn’t catch a glimpse of Valentine that night, he wore a ‘Johnny Depp a la Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland’ costume.

There was no shortage of creativity on the costume front for others either. There were full-grown men in dresses and ladies with intricately painted faces. On top of the peculiarity of the outfits, the spectacle was amplified by the sheer volume of purple, green, and gold adorning every bead, boa, and lei in the joint. These iconic colors have come to represent Orleanist culture, especially at this most special time.

Though none of us were able to visit New Orleans on this day, we all got a glimpse of what it might be like for a couple hours. A big thank you is in order for our host, David Valentine.

Eric Gordon Rivera is Noordam’s librarian.

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