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Nieuw Statendam Reaches Milestone and Successfully Completes Sea Trials

Nieuw Statendam returned to Fincantieri’s Marghera shipyard in Italy Wednesday, Aug. 22, after successfully completing two sets of sea trials off the coast.

Nieuw Statendam left Marghera Aug. 10 and performed the first set of sea trials over two days before going into dry dock at Fincantieri’s Trieste shipyard, where the trial’s data was reviewed and standard hull maintenance was performed. The ship sailed its second sea trials Aug. 18, making its way back to Marghera Aug. 22 where the finishing touches will be completed.

“The sea trials are a highly anticipated milestone for any newbuild because it takes us one step closer to delivery, and we’re thrilled that Nieuw Statendam gave a strong performance out in open water,” said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president. “There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Nieuw Statendam and the innovations we’re introducing on board. The ship is going to have an exciting debut in early December.”

During the sea trials, Nieuw Statendam underwent a series of performance tests on the ship’s systems, machinery and engines. The shipyard’s team of nautical officers, naval architects and builders tested the ship’s maneuvering characteristics and safety systems.

Nieuw Statendam

Nieuw Statendam

Nieuw Statendam

Nieuw Statendam

Due for delivery Dec. 1, 2018, Nieuw Statendam will explore the Caribbean in winter and then move to northern Europe, Iceland and the Mediterranean in summer during its inaugural year. The 2,666-guest, 99,500-ton ship will reflect the ongoing evolution of Holland America Line. From familiar elements that reflect a rich heritage and classic style to state-of-the-art enhancements that chart a bold new course forward, guests on board Nieuw Statendam will delight in details that are artfully inspired and perfectly presented to create the ultimate Pinnacle-class experience.

  • Patt Chase

    She looks beautiful. May she sail the seven seas in all her splendor under the guiding of the Blessed Virgin. Fair winds and following seas.

  • Lorraine Derome


  • Peter poot

    Too big don’t like the way HAL is going. Prinsendam only true proper cruise ship sold. Next will be all small ships. Look at Viking pls

  • Marjorie Mrasek

    Great seeing her in the water doing her best! Eager for our transatlantic in 3 months!

  • Hans Enklaar

    Looking forward to exploring this vessel and some new destinations in the future.

  • Hall Coons

    Greatly looking forward to her arrival in Florida in December

  • Mickey

    Love Holland America and looking forward to my cruise on the new Statendam on Dec. 23, 2018.
    Anchors away…….

  • Werner Verbrugge

    I am a follower of the Peter Poot statement : the Holland America Line genuine product is not alike a cruise experience with 2000+ passengers. I have no doubts that the Nieuw Statendam will be a great ship performing well on the high seas, however as a loyal follower of Holland America Line in the past, I guess many “Mariners” would appreciate at least one unit in the future fleet able to express and reflect the art of traditional cruising aboard a cosy ship sailing with no more than 1200 passengers. A vessel with a genuine Holland America Line cruise product developed and expanded as a contemporary classy sea voyage experience, offering a completely enhanced onboard freedom of life in style, unhurried and including the details which set a company apart from the competitors.

  • Rick & Bob

    MIckey , hope to meet you as we will be on the new Statendam Dec 23 .. HAL is the best

  • Anne

    My husband and I cruise exclusively on Holland America. We much prefer the smaller ships. Ships approaching 3,000 passengers is just much too big.

  • Hans Haagmans

    We liked the smaller ones will never forget our honeymoon sailed from Montreal on the Princes Margriet in 1961. One class. Couple hundred pax. we have done 50 cruises the last a.t. world on The Amsterdam 1182 passengers. Great ????

  • Marlene Deblau

    Would love to be on the maiden voyage in December. Can you send us details of the voyage? when and from what port in Florida? We love HAL!

  • Julie

    Hi Marlene, the ship cruises from Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Here are all of the details. We hope to welcome you onboard!

  • Stephanie klopfenstein

    I have cursed Holland amarica for years. I have a stack of coasters from your ships. I was mr ryndam on one trip

  • Reinier

    A great addition to the fleet, as a younger mariner (40) I appreciate the bigger ships with the increased number of services, entertainment and innovations.
    I sailed Prinsendam and I was underwhelmed, good thing they sold it.
    It was confirmed by a HAL captain during an open lecture that HAL will be adding smaller ships (probably R-class size) to the fleet somewhere in the future, i’m looking forward to where that will lead.

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