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Safety is Always First Aboard Nieuw Amsterdam

This picture was taken during a crew lifeboat training on a nice sunny Sunday. Exactly one week before the Nieuw Amsterdam’s inauguration, the crew on board started to get ready to receive passengers. A part of getting ready is the ‘know before we go project,’ where all crew members get training in operating all safety and lifesaving equipment to assure a safe ship.

In this picture, Deck Department Administration Officer, Dirk van der Raadt, is conducting a training on Lifeboat 1 while passing the bow of the Nieuw Amsterdam. Other crew members on board were Bryant Givela (barman), Kadek Agus Indrawan (restaurant steward), Setiobudi (restaurant steward), Jon April Tarigan (assistant steward), Indra Ferial (restaurant steward) and Pande Komang Riksa (assistant steward).

Mary Moore, blog contributor based at the yard, also sent us these photos of the crew practicing the fire and boat drill:

Tim Lodder is Nieuw Amsterdam’s navigation officer

  • Suzanne

    I will be seeing come of these people on my cruise. My goal will be to meet Tim he will be easy to spot in a crowd. Great images

  • DBA

    I haven’t heard… is it just these crew lifejackets that are yellow, or will that be something new for Nieuw Amsterdam?


  • Cristina P

    I noticed the life vests are yellow. Is this a new color for all life vests onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam or is it for the crew only?

  • Julie

    Tim Lodder sent in this response:

    Holland America Line started on the Eurodam with a test to create a difference between crew members and passengers to create a better recognition for passengers during an emergency situation. The well-known orange color is still been used for passenger lifejackets and any yellow lifejacket is for crew members.

  • DBA

    Thanks Julie. I’m not sure how I previously missed that detail.

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