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Relaxing After a Long Day

This is me “exhausted” on Saturday, after taking tons of pictures during the crew’s embarkation day. I was relaxing in one of the Silk Den lounge chairs because as you can see, my feet are huge after a very long day. We have to wear these covers on our shoes while on board the ship [to keep it clean].

Mary Moore is a blog contributor based at the yard.

  • Suzanne

    This looks lovely, I will look for this exact lounger when I am aboard…

  • Richard A. Welke


    Nice pictures of a beautiful ship. Bon Voyage to all aboard.

    I sailed on the Nieu Amsterdam in 1953 at the time when the Netherlands was flooded. I remember that the passengers raised money to send to help the flood victims

    Many great memories of that trip. I still remember the bartenders in the Jungle Bar as well as some of the enterainers.

    Smooth Sailng,

    Richard Welke

  • Richard A. Welke

    The entertainers that I remember are Dick Lesko, a musician with a New York WOR group and
    the Stewart Brothers who were part of a show.

    I still have a small loving cup awarded for a sports activity on deck.

    R. Welke

  • helen Zarelli

    I was on board the Eurodam in fall on 2009 – also a wonderful new ship but this one wins the prize!!!

  • Debbie

    We sail July 14th…can’t wait! Thanks for the pics!

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