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Nieuw Amsterdam Photos: April 23

I am just back from a day on board and as the designated Navigation Officer I would like to show the progress on the ships Navigation Bridge. Please enjoy the pictures and hopefully everyone visiting the blog will enjoy them as well.

Nieuw Amsterdam, right, and Costa Favolosa, center, under construction.

Atrium showing the Ocean Bar on Deck 3 and Pinnacle Grill Restaurant on Deck 2.

The Bridge.

Nieuw Amsterdam's Lifesaving Officer Evert Stuurop, center, and Fincantieri's Omar and Andrea Bocaro.

The Queens Room.

Tim Lodder is Nieuw Amsterdam’s navigation officer.


    What is the floor pattern known as and what kind of wood is used (Queens Room) for the floor? Thanks.

  • Julie

    Paul from VFD Architects informed us that the pattern is called Herringbone and the wood for the floor is Billinga, a lighter orange-ish color

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