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Cabana Living on Nieuw Amsterdam

Of all the areas on the Nieuw Amsterdam, the Cabana Club was by far our favorite, as well as the favorite area of everyone who rented one for either the week or day. It was a place to call your own, a place to make close friends for years to come. You could talk, read, nap, play games and listen to your music with headphones. The two stewards, Micheal and Lenny, were wonderful, warm, charming and a joy to have with us for the week. I doubt if I could ever find or repeat this tranquility anywhere. I called it the crack cocaine of cruising because I’m hooked! — Suzanne

  • joan

    what is the price, per day and weekly?

  • Karen Mattson

    I would like to know the price of a cabana on the Eurodam daily and weekly?

  • Julie

    Hi Karen, prices vary. A regular, two-person Retreat Cabana is per person: Port day $45, sea day $75. For a seven-day cruise it’s $299; up to 10 day is $399; up to 15 days $499; up to 20 days $599. Over 20 days is $39 per day.

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