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Maasdam and Noordam Get Together for a Friendly Competition — Day 1

Day one of a three-day, side-by-side port event.

The day was sunny and everything you could want from a Caribbean paradise when the ms Maasdam and ms Noordam faced each other across the lines with only a piece of rope to uphold their honor. It was a wonderful time to get together with friends on the pier in the shade of the small but mighty ms Maasdam for some internal and external tug of war and obstacle course relay competitions.

The music was going as the ms Maasdam’s Chief Officer, Albert J. Kleinhof, centered up the line for the competitions. The Noordam’s Men In Black team got some support from the Maasdam’s entertainment department and galley against the deck officers and sailors, before challenging their counterparts to a three-on-three competition, cheered on by their energetic leader Event Manager Deborah Courtney Meador.

Though the Noordam’s MIB team were the only ones brave enough to follow their dedicated leader — Noordam’s Human Resources Manager, Jaime Van Der Loo — into unfamiliar turf, everyone had fun with the my preparation and support.

The Men In Black team.

The guests coming back from their day’s adventures were treated to over an hour of the crew tugging it out and doing obstacle relay races that ranged from passing balls with their chins only, to good old wheelbarrow races. It was a day of smiles and forming new or enriching current friendships and one we were able to share not only with our sister ship but with our guests as well.

Verlie Nelson is Maasdam’s human resources manager.

  • SB in Nebraska

    Sounds like fun!

    Is “Noordam’s Human Resources Manager, Jaime Van Der Loo”, related to Capt. Van Der Loo of the Oosterdam?

    Just curious. I was able to meet Capt. Van Der Loo on my Alaska cruise on the “O” in 2008. Beautiful cruise…..but then aren’t they all? 🙂

  • Jaime van der Loo

    To: SB in Nebraska: No, I am not related to Captain van der Loo. I’ve never met the good man. Have a great day!

  • Anonymous

    We got off of the 35 day Voyage of the Vikings on August 27 TH and just want to say “Thanks!” to the wonderful crew that made it a very special cruise ! The many kind acts of good service and the friendly smiles and the wonderful food along with some of the best entertainment ever — we couldn’t help but enjoy ourselves !! Smooth sailing ya’ll ! Helen and Jerry Faulstich

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