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Happy 5th Birthday Tiziano!

On February 28, our son Tiziano celebrated his fifth birthday. We organized a special get-together for Tiziano. He is a huge Cars 2 fan, so he wanted that theme for his party. We had the movie playing and our Assistant Pastry Bienvenido Jr. Magalona Tigao made a beautiful cake in the shape of Finn McMissile, one of the characters of the movie. The cake was made with marzipan and had chocolate and hazelnut inside. It was delicious, but too nice to eat. This was also a very special time for Tiziano as he has been sailing since he was six months old and after this contract he will start school in Belgium. Here are some pictures of Tiziano with his cake, with all the gifts he received and with the creator of the amazing cake, Assistant Pastry Chef Bienvenido.

Marco van Belleghem is Eurodam’s hotel manager.

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  • Joan Hopke

    What an adorable young man!

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