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Eurodam Welcomes the Consul General of the Netherlands

Me with the Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It was a great visit of the Consul General and we were very honored to have her and her family on board.

We welcomed her and her family to the ship at 10:30am. As they showed great interest in our ship and the operation, we gave them a very extensive tour of the front and back of the house. I even showed them the Hotel Manager’s quarters as they were interested to see how a fellow Dutchman was accommodated on board a HAL ship. 😉

After the tour we were all hungry and ate in the Pinnacle Grill for lunch. During lunch the conversations kept going and questions kept coming as they were really interested to know what life at sea is all about.

They were the last guests off the ship before we pulled the gangway so they spent the entire day with us. They actually didn’t want to leave, as they felt right at home on the Eurodam and guaranteed me that they were going to book a cruise!

As a “thank you for visiting” gift, I presented the Consul General with a certified Delfts blue Eurodam plate and book, and of course a cruise planner!

Stan Kuppens is Eurodam’s hotel manager.

  • Luh McDevitt Madera

    I also await my stay on the Eurodam. I was on her last May and loved it so much, I will return at the end of April.

  • liz day

    Hi Stan! greetings from Seattle!
    Lovely story and how nice for them and your team to have a wonderful day and conversation!!

    Liz (Mrs. Rick) Day

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