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Postcards from Fanning Island

I managed to snap off a few shots on my way to assist in a crew beach cleanup event at Tabuaeran, Fanning Island. This small Coral atoll is located halfway between Hawaii and Australia and only 228 nautical miles above the equator.

Jonathan Bailey is Rotterdam’s safety, environmental and health officer.

  • Susan

    We visted Fanning Island in 2004 and have the same photo of the rusted boat . . . I most remember the lack of ocean movement . . . the calmest seas ever. Thanks for the “remembery”

  • Linda Marlatt

    We loved Fanning Island visited in October2011 on Rotterdam. It was the best part of our Tahiti Cruise.

  • Kelly Tolman

    We visited the tiny island while on a Hawaiian cruise. It was so lovely, and we’ve often thought about just staying there for a month or two. I will never forget it. And the rusted tug boat – is a Pearl Harbor veteran.

  • Roselyn Goulet

    We stopped at Fanning Island about 5 years ago aboard the NCL Wind on a Hawaiian cruise!!!! Loved the place and even got passport STAMPEd at their”post office”

  • Andrew y Suzy


    We have been there too

    Enjoying the beautiful Island, beaches and weather.

    Andrew y Suzy

    Exotic Getaways

  • Anonymous

    We visited this wonderful island back in 2006 an has been my favorite place ever!! A must for everyone!! :o)

  • Sandie

    We were on the Westerdam when it stopped here in October. It was the highlight of our month long trip through the South Pacific. Will always remember this spot. And we also have the same picture of the shipwreck.

  • adrianus dekort

    Het mooiste eiland wat we bezochten in 2010

  • don henderson

    Unfortunately, our cruise on the ms Amsterdam last year passed Kiribati in the middle of the night, and we didn’t get the chance to stop!

  • Rich Smith

    Fanning Island has always been a must visit for me every year. You must try to get there!

  • Keith Jackson

    I remember working on Ncl and this was a stop I will never forget, the lovely people, sand, and the calmness of the ocean. We had a barbeque for patrons and islanders. Take me back!

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