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Nieuw Jakarta Celebrates Indonesian Independence Day

Robert “Nick” Nichols, Nieuw Jakarta’s academic director, sent us the following note with some fun pictures of the Indonesian independence day celebration on August 17. Nieuw Jakarta is HAL’s crew training center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

MERDEKA! (Freedom!)
The crew activity committee was in full swing at ms Nieuw Jakarta for the annual 65th Indonesian independence day celebration. Management, local staff, students and crew celebrated the day with traditional fun Indonesian games of eating the shrimp cracker, tug of war, balloon matching race, sports competitions (soccer and volleyball) and other games, followed by a special traditional Indonesian meal of yellow rice, beef rending (stewed beef in coconut milk), fried bean curd and other specialties with drinks for all. Traditional costumes were worn for the evening and performances included a special talent show produced by the different classes and the singing of Indonesia’s national anthem and other favorite Indonesian songs by the staff.

Balloon matching race.

Cracker eating contest.

Staff playing tug of war.

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