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Veendam Crew Explore the Waterways of Argentina

Here are photos from the Spirit of Buenos Aires Waterways excursion. The city of Tigre is a town not far from Buenos Aires and it is constructed on the islands of the delta of Rio de la Plata. One can see beautiful country clubs and summer residences there. As the only way to move around is by water, there is a bus boat, a police boat, a garbage boat and even a supermarket boat. The colour of the water in the river is brown but it is not from pollution, it is a natural colour from the sediments as the river starts up on the mountains. Local people are used to swimming in the water, there is even a sandy beach there but the sand has to be brought from other places as the river bottom is muddy.

A house for sale.

A bus boat.

Boat lift.

Country club.

Another shot of the country club.


The river station.

A supermarket boat.

The house of the first governor of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas).

Kateryna Bannikova is Veendam’s human resources manager.

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