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Veendam at Boca Da Valeria, Brazil

On April 8, the ms Veendam anchored near the small village of Boca da Valeria, Brazil. As only a few ships visit this small community each year, the crew and officers made a huge charity run and we also decided to invite some of the children from the school on board for lunch and a ship tour.

Here everyone is lined up and ready to board the tender-boat.

On board the tender boat.

Executive Chef Peter getting involved. We think Peter was more excited than the kids.

Group photo on Sky Deck before disembarking with some gift boxes.

Myles Williams is Veendam’s human resources manager.

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  • Sylvia Reddom

    Fantastic! It sure looks like the kids enjoyed it as much as the staff seemed to in the pictures.
    We are new to cruising and thinking of cruising with Holland Ameirca onboard the Veendam.
    Personal people stories like this one bring home the personal touch offered by the company and the ship’s crew.
    Congratulations and keep up the great work. Hope to see you “on the waves” soon.

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