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Together we can Make a Difference: Manta

On April 21st the Veendam will be in Manta, Ecuador, and as soon as the ship is docked, a large group of our crew will go to a local school called School Care San Jose, which is located 20 minutes from the port in Manta.

School Care San Jose is a school that currently has 80 kids from low economic background and this school is in dire need of basic stuff.

The Veendam crew has arranged a visit to the school in order to repair the roof, paint the building, fix the plumbing, replace windows, install curtains, supply new beds, linen and school supplies.

While our crew is at the school, we have invited the kids to come on board our ship for the day. Team Veendam!

The day is coming closer. We have daily contact with the agent who is the liaison between the vessel and the school; transportation has been set-up and currently we have 100 crew signed up who are eager to grab the brushes and to get the project going.

We were able to get 90% of all the items on their wish list; from paint to cribs, from curtains to light fixtures. We’re so excited for this big day!



We have collected:

3 diaper changers
40 curtain rails and runners
40 curtains
30 metal roof sheets
60 pillows
300 t-shirts
9 cribs
50 gallons of paint
24 folding beds
20 light fixtures
60 light bulbs
2 steel tables
2 steel racks
30 baby blankets
80 puzzles
15 decorative wall blankets
8 cases various clothing
24 bath gels
100 pencils
200 sewing kits
144 tumblers
5 cooking pans
2 strainers
60 plastic soup bowls
6 cleaning mops
10 baby bottles
50 games
70 blankets
5 baby carriages
4 cutting boards
5 baby chairs
6 kids bikes
10 basketballs
1 whisk
6 cooking knifes
10 reams copy paper
7 dusters
5 liners for play yards
20 mats for cribs
100 sheets
3 big play mats
100 plastic wash basins
500 garbage bags
15 brooms
1 mopkit
10 squeezees
6 dustbin kits
12 photo frames
50 cleaning cloths
20 scrubbing brushes
1,500 pieces of soap
5 showers
10 soccer balls
6 white boards
10 whiteboard erasers
5 soft cubes
5 xylophones
2 clown play carpets
5 baby pianos
20 hula hoops

Bert van Mackelenbergh is Veendam’s hotel director.

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