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The Feeneys Discover Buenos Aires, Argentina

Next year, most of our east coast turnarounds are going to be in Buenos Aires, so there will be a number of opportunities for guests who are embarking in Buenos Aires to come in early or if disembarking in Buenos Aires to spend a few days here at the end of the cruise.

It’s truly a world class destination with great 18th-century architecture, a colorful, interesting and sometimes intense history, great food, very rich culture and very nice people. There are wonderful museums here, virtually unlimited shopping, great entertainment and dining at prices that to a North American or European budget will seem shockingly low.

We would recommend highly to anyone who was starting or ending there cruise here in Buenos Aires to take a few days and experience it.

The famous Tango

Recoleta Cementery in Buenos Aires

Statue of Maria-Eva-Duarte-Peron.

Architecture in Buenos Aires

Denise and Mike Feeney are Holland America Line future cruise consultants

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