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Shore Excursion: Torres del Paine National Park

colorful lake

After a bumpy 60-minute flight, we arrived in an almost deserted airport. The lone figure of a stoutly lady with rosy cheeks and a welcoming smile standing strong against the harsh winds wiping across the landing strip, awaiting our arrival. She escorted us to a warm and comfortable motor coach and we began our expedition to Torres del Paine National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve located north of Punta Arenas and neighboring Argentina. En route, the landscape was weather beaten, with twisted trees and low grass lands as far as the eye could see. We disturb an eagle breakfasting on a fresh carcass, the sheer size of its wing span displayed as he took flight. The wildlife of the region has adapted to suit the unforgiving climate, and an abundance of Guanacos, Ostrich and Cara Cara birds can be seen through out the park. The homes in this region are single story, designed to withstand the harsh Patagonian weather which can be experienced daily. It is physically impossible not to be impressed by the dramatic scenery, vibrant colors and unique fauna. You will return from a day at Torres Del Paine, with a thousand and one photographs, a very good understanding of life in this part of the world and a renewed appreciation of this amazing planet we live on.

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Melanie Hormigon Koch
Shore Excursion Office
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