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Recipe: Enjoy Worldly Flavors at the Master Chefs International Dinner

Did you know that once a cruise Holland America Line features a Master Chefs International Dinner in the main dining room showcasing signature dishes from six continents?

Guests can design their international three-course meal by choosing each course from selections that represent a variety of cultures. The exclusive 20-dish menu includes appetizers, entrees and deserts from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, as well as wine pairings from each region. Guests also can choose Chef Rudi’s Tour Around the World, a pre-selected three-course meal by the master chef.



One of the featured dishes in the North and South America section is the delicious Argentinean Guiso Soup. We’ve asked our chef to share the fabulous recipe so you can make it at home. Buen provecho!



3.5 oz beef diced
2 oz carrots diced
2 oz sweet potato diced
1.75 oz potato diced
1.75 oz butternut squash diced
1.75 oz onions small diced
0.2 oz 5 garlic minced
4.2 oz canned diced tomato with juice
0.75 oz tomato paste
1.6 qt beef stock
1.75 oz flour
1.75 oz butter
salt to taste
black ground pepper to taste
0.1 oz thyme leaves minced
1 bay leaf
1.75 oz corn kernels

0.2 oz chopped parsley
1 oz dry apricots diced, shortly soaked in hot water

Brown the onion, thyme, basil and garlic in the butter in tilting pan. In a separate skillet, brown the beef on high heat and ensure to brown from all sides. Transfer to the onions. Add the tomato paste and caramelize all. Then mix in flour and cook for 5 – 6 minutes, then add stock. Bring to simmer and cook soup until beef is almost tender, transfer to soup kettle.

Add tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, squash and more beef broth to cover all the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook over low heat for 15 – 20 minutes until all the vegetables and meat are tender. Add corn and check seasonings. Serve in soup bowls and garnish with parsley and apricots.

What dishes would you choose for your three-course meal?

  • Alexander

    Bonjour HAL Culinary Team

    Having just disembarked in the Port of Boston yesterday, after a lovely Canada/New England cruise onboard the ms Maasdam sailing from the Port of Montreal, we did have the pleasure of attending this new Master Chefs International Dinner. It was a surprise however a very enjoyable one. Our kudos go out to the Culinary Council, the onboard executive Chefs and all the cooks and serving staff who helped to create, cook and serve such a wonderfull variety of International dishes.
    Holland America sails to faraway and exotic destinations and its only normal that one should find local culinary specialities served onboard their ships since as they say Variety is the Spice of Life. We very much appreciated this new concept Master Chefs dinner that hopefully will be a grand sucess fleetwide.

  • jack

    This recipe can’t be correct. 3.5 oz beef? Is oz supposed to be pound? Units of measure are wrong I think and I loved this Guiso on my cruise last week.

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