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Having a Good Time Aboard Statendam

Blog reader Tom sent us these fun photos from his Jan. 10 “Inca Discovery” cruise aboard Statendam.



  • stevenskelley

    Great photos of a great crew! Captain Arnold is a fantastic ship’s master. He greeted everyone as they came on board, attended concerts on the Lido deck with passengers, visited with passengers in the bar, played Wii bowling, and threw birthday parties (I am the one on the far left). Hotel Mgr Simone DeBoer was equally friendly efficient. We were amazed at how many times he stopped just to say hello no matter where we were onboard. Bekka Supp, party planner, was a bubbly ray of sunshine. Jimmy the cruise director and Chadwick the DJ were friendly, outgoing and great at their jobs as well. I also recognize Red in the lower photo from the Crows Nest bar. Red and Rico did a great job at the bar and entertained everyone with jokes, songs and magic tricks! The Statendam is a very well-run ship.

  • stevenskelley

    oops! I am the one on the far right not left.

  • troutzong

    I have spent 205 nights on different cruises ships since 2002 and have to say that the Statendam was by far the best one yet. The crew was very personable and having the open seating for dinner gave us the chance to meet other passengers from all over the world. The Inca Discovery cruise got better with each port. We are now booked on the Statendam for May 24th Alaska and can hardly wait to experience the positive vibes everyone gives off to the passengers. Look out Crows Nest staff!! Here we come again!! have your new tricks ready!!

  • troutzong

    All those staff members who are now off the Statendam I hope we will run into you again on another cruise. The cruise directors staff were the best and the captian and hotel manager were great as well. I hope there is a way to locate you guys in the future so we can book the cruise you are working on. Thanks again for the best cruise yet. January 10th will not be forgotten.

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