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Donations for Manta: Toys for the Kids

Veendam’s project to renovate a school on April 21 in Manta, Ecuador, is in full swing and the first donations are in! With an overwhelming response from the Veendam crew, we started the project of with a big bang.

The plan to go to the school and to renovate it together was received so well, that we had 50 crew signed up within the first 24 hours. Several crew came up with brilliant ideas to raise money in order to get the necessary supplies for the school.

First thing on the agenda; toys for the kids. We all know how important supplies are for the school, however, what is more satisfying than looking at the smile of a child when you give a toy.

Some crew went to the local shops and returned to the ship with cars full of buggies and bikes.






Stayed tuned for more updates on this important initiative.

Bert van Mackelenbergh is Veendam’s hotel director.

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