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Chile: A Mariner Magazine Exclusive, Part 2

Is there a country with more variety than Chile? Well, there probably are a few, but it’s hard to beat a place where you never run out of things to do. In a matter of days we’ve hit the beach at La Serena, shopped for souvenirs in picturesque villages, sipped wine at an estate in the gorgeous Casablanca Valley and gawked at thrilling Andean mountain scenery.

We bring it all to you in the current Fall 2013 issue of Mariner Magazine! And if you don’t receive Mariner Magazine, be sure to check the Holland America Line website so you can read this article online.

Chile’s Elqui Valley is famed for clear-sky stargazing and production of the brandy-like national alcohol known as pisco, a product whose origins are also claimed by Peru in a robust dispute. In the lovely main plaza of Vicuña, there’s good artisan souvenir shopping.


In Puerto Montt, you’re in the heart of Chile’s $3 billion a year salmon industry. Chile is second only to Norway as an exporter of salmon and fresh fish here is a ubiquitous feature in markets and on tables.


Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park is noted for majestic mountain peaks, dramatic glaciers, and alpine lakes. Wildlife includes guanaco (pictured), a cousin of the llama that’s also closely related to the camel. The furry creatures roam the grassy tundra and are easily spotted all over the park.


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