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Veendam Transits Panama Canal in 45 Seconds

I uploaded another time-capture video. This time, finally, I had the chance to video a full transit of the canal, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Jochem Bakker is Veendam’s chief officer.

  • J.D. McFarlan

    Have been on the Veendam twice. Great ship.

  • Anonymous

    Someday I hope to do that!

  • Elizabeth Taylor

    I think I would like to see it in not quite 45 seconds … Maybe 3 minutes.

  • Pat Hearn

    I have been on several Holland America Cruises but I have never got to go on this one. I would love to someday.

  • Kirp


  • Daniel Berkley

    Took the Panama Canal cruise, but, as we were later told, 50% chance of a rain out on ground excursions.
    Can’t blame the rain on HAL, but we were a bit disappointed. Others should prepare.

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