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Tikal, Maya City of Voices Crew & Guest Tour

On November 2nd, six crew members and 13 guests from Statendam joined together in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, to participate in the Tikal, Maya City of Voices tour.

The tour takes eight-and-a-half-hours and involves two flights, but it is well worth it. It was an amazing experience that we would all recommend to anyone that wants to see something so much bigger than themselves. The tour guides were fun, knowledgeable and easily understood. The freshly prepared lunch we enjoyed, was a delightful and welcomed treat after exploring the temples.

When one is able to go back in history hundreds of years and experience something as massive as these temples and homes, it puts so many things of modern time in perspective.

SAM_7346 - Copy

SAM_7236 - Copy

SAM_7221 - Copy

SAM_7281 - Copy

SAM_7234 - Copy

SAM_7206 - Copy

SAM_7342 - Copy

SAM_7317 - Copy

SAM_7318 - Copy

SAM_7299 - Copy

SAM_7172 - Copy

Verlie Michelle Nelson is Statendam’s human resources manager.

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