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Bert’s Beauty Shots: San Blas Islands, Panama

The San Blas archipelago consists of 365 islands some of which are not bigger than a bag of sand with a palm tree in the middle of the ocean; the bigger islands are occupied and the one we went to is occupied by the Cuna Indians. The natives of this tribe are wearing unique, bright and very colorful clothing, and they are famous for their very unique handicraft which are hand-sewn appliqués called Molas.

we_bert_sanblas3 we_bert_sanblas2

we_bert_sanblas1 we_bert_sanblas4

we_bert_sanblas5 we_bert_sanblas6

we_bert_sanblas7 we_bert_sanblas8

we_bert_sanblas9 we_bert_sanblas10

The island we stopped at is as big as the ship, but nevertheless, more interesting to me than a city with millions of people. Visiting this island puts you back in time …





From San Blas Island, one can take a small boat (which is a carved-out wooden log with an outboard motor) and hop over to Needle Island, a real tropical sandbar as big as the Lido … talk about paradise.


Bert van Mackelenbergh is Westerdam’s hotel manager.

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