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Zipping Through the Canopy in Puerto Vallarta

Oosterdam’s Shorex team arranged for a few crew members to experience the exciting new canopy adventure tour available in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Crew members, along for the tour, flew from tree to tree and platform to platform on a network of pulleys and horizontal cables mounted 30 to 90 feet above the ground.


With 14 observation platforms and 11 horizontal traverses, the crew got a unique perspective to Mexico’s rain forest as it glided by. The adventurers wrapped up the day with a ride on a “Tarzan” swing and a thrilling vertical descent to the forest floor.

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  • Virgin Holidays Cruises

    tree top assault courses are such a good laugh. I bet it was an amazing experience in a rain forest with all the different wildlife like insects and birds.

    I’ve done two assault courses to date, one in North Wales and one in the Forest of Dean with work in the UK. I wrote a blog post about the Forest of Dean one, maybe you’d like to read it.

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