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Amsterdam Crew Brings Christmas to a Mexican Orphanage

During the days leading up to December 20th, the crew of Amsterdam collected Christmas donations for the orphans of Ciudad de los Ninos in Mazatlan, Mexico. The original plan was to have the children board for the afternoon and treat them to a great lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers and of course lots of ice cream, but due to circumstances beyond our control, the children were unable to visit the ship.

A selection of the crew were able to accompany Human Resources Manger Julie Berndsen to help deliver lots of special gifts and goodies. Upon our arrival at the orphanage the children were waiting excitedly and once they saw us coming they all started dancing. There was Christmas music playing in the background as we unloaded the gifts. The children’s eyes were large with delight when they saw the television, as they have not had a working television for a very long time.

After taking pictures and meeting the children at the home, they all quickly grabbed chairs and proceeded to sit in front of this new contraption, anxiously waiting while we got the TV to work. This was not an easy task without a proper antenna but in the end we were successful and the children were very happy sitting in front of their new television, all in time for the Christmas films and shows. We also presented the sisters at the orphanage with cash left over after the shopping spree to help towards their large electric bill, in addition to other basic items they need. They were all very grateful to the crew of the Amsterdam for helping make this a very special Christmas.

Amsterdam's crew with the children of the Ciudad de los Ninos in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Amsterdam's crew with the children of Ciudad de los Ninos in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Julie Berndsen is Amsterdam’s human resources manager.

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