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Westerdam’s Postcards from Ajaccio, Corsica

On April 27, ms Westerdam visited Ajaccio, Corsica. The weather in port was sunny and warm. Some of the guests chose to go on a Vizzavona and Spuntinu tour and I was lucky to be an escort on this tour. This tour goes through the distant villages in the mountains of Corsica and stops in a small community called Vizzavona which has a small train station and is at the elevation of 3,000 ft; it was quite chilly there, but so beautiful. The village is surrounded by mountains which still had snow on their tops and you could hear birds singing and the sound of the running river. In the restaurant next to the train station, the guests were able to taste “spuntinu” — a traditional Corsican snack (ham and cheese and bread) with wine.

Kateryna Bannikova is Westerdam’s human resources manager.

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