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Oosterdam and Noordam at Katakolon, Greece

Guest Elaine Tonkin sent in this photo taken in Katakolon, Greece, of Oosterdam alongside and Noordam departing.

Oosterdam, right, and Noordam at Katakolon, Greece.

  • debwr

    How can the Noordam be in Greece when it is sailing in the Caribbean?

  • Roland

    Dear debwr:

    Through the magic of photography, the image of Noordam in Greece was captured back in time when the ship was in Greece last summer, and the photograph was just sent to us in the near past so we posted it now in the more or less present. Rest assured that Noordam was definitely not in two places at the same time. That would have required a chronosynclasticindifundibulum, first posited by the novelist Kurt Vonnegut, which accounted for a being or object existing in different times and places in the universe simultaneously. But that, we’re pretty sure, was something Vonnegut just made up.

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