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Noordam at Kusadasi

We received this photo from a guest who was aboard Star Clippers’ Star Flyer when the ship was at Kusadasi, Turkey, along with Noordam. While the photo was taken a couple of years ago, the story was too interesting not to post.

It was actually an amazing incident, as the Noordam was stuck in Kusadasi. As we were sailing into Kusadasi on the Star Flyer, the cruise director, Peter, came over the PA saying that there had been an alert for a “man overboard.” As we were sailing towards the area, the alert was called off because the Noordam had gotten there first and picked “them” up. It turned out there were a number of people overboard, apparently refugees. The Noordam was unable to leave Kusadasi that night because of the regulations requiring the situation to be clarified before they could leave. That was my understanding as to why the Noordam was still there next to the Star Flyer at that hour of night.

All the best,

Michael Pal
Perth, Australia


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