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Mariachis Play for Ryndam Captain’s Birthday

Upon arriving for the second time at Guaymas, Mexico, Ryndam was greeted with more than a dozen musicians who gave a special performance for Captain Frans Consen to celebrate his birthday.

Ryndam’s guests and crew also were treated to Guaymas’ annual Shrimp Festival, where they were able to sample and enjoy more than 20 different shrimp dishes, with entertainment and activities throughout the day. Guaymas produces 40 percent of Mexico’s shrimp, and celebrates each November with a “Shrimp Festival,” that was rescheduled this year to accommodate Ryndam’s arrival.

The city of Guaymas even arranged football and basketball teams to play against crew teams.

They provided transportation to the park, a delicious lunch for the crew and T-shirts. Ryndam crewmembers felt like celebrities as many were stopped and asked to take pictures while walking through downtown. There also were billboards of the ship, T-shirts and pictures displayed throughout the town.

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