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Crew Tour Waterfall, Cave and Black Sand Cove in Hilo, Hawaii

Rotterdam’s Junior Human Resources Clerk Mochamad Ardiansyah Aloetsyah was one of the crew members to take part in the Waterfall, Cave & Black Sand Cove crew tour while the ship called at Hilo, Hawaii, earlier this month. The crew visited some of Hilo’s top attractions including Rainbow Falls State Park, the Kaumana Caves and Black Sand Cove. Mochamad sent us some pictures of the eventful day, including eerie photos from inside the caves! Thanks Mochamad!

On March 9, 2012 we took a crew tour to Rainbow Falls Lookout, a state park in Hawaii. It was so beautiful! The crew enjoyed the view from the top. Then we continued the adventure by going to Kaumana Caves and actually went inside the cave. Even though it was spooky, everyone was excited. The final stop was to swim with wild sea turtles at the Black Sand Cove. Sharing the water with these majestic wild creatures was amazing! — Mochamad

Walking through Rainbow Falls Lookout.

RTDM crew

RTDM crew at Rainbow Falls.


Crew atop Rainbow Falls Look Out point.

Crew atop Rainbow Falls Look Out point.


Crew with Kaumana Caves sign

Crew walking through Kaumana Caves.

Crew at Black Sand Cove.

Crew at Black Sand Cove.

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