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Breathtaking Landscapes and the Aloha Spirit Await on 2022-2023 Cruises to Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands have long been America’s tropical playground, a volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Pacific that is the country’s most surprising state. Before they became an American territory, before Captain Cook dubbed them the Sandwich Islands, the Hawaiian Islands were the home of a Polynesian culture whose roots still run deep. In Hawaii’s floral-scented valleys and on its black-sand beaches, that legacy lives on in an aloha spirit that promises a welcome as warm as the ocean breezes.

In 2022 and 2023, Koningsdam sails roundtrip from San Diego, California, plus one departure roundtrip from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on a series of cruises that explore the Hawaiian Islands. The “Circle Hawaii” cruises range from 16 to 18 days and call at a combination of stunning ports.

• 16-day roundtrip from Vancouver with calls at Lahaina, Hilo, Honolulu (overnight) and Nawiliwili.
• 17-day calls at Lahaina, Hilo, Honolulu, Nawiliwili and Kona, Hawaii, and Ensenada, Mexico.
• 18-day calls at Lahaina, Hilo, Honolulu (overnight), Nawiliwili, Kona and Ensenada.


The capital of Hawaii — and gateway to the island chain — is a suitably laid-back Polynesian mash-up of influences and experiences. Away from the Waikiki crowds and glossy high-rise hotels, our Hawaii cruises give a taste of the “real” Hawaii: brick Victorian buildings, including America’s only royal palace; thriving Chinatown nightlife; sacred temple remains on distant bluffs; and the wartime memories of the attack on Pearl Harbor, including the USS Arizona Memorial.

An aerial view of the USS Arizona Memorial.

An aerial view of the USS Arizona Memorial.

How beautiful does a place have to be to win the title of paradise of paradises? Well, start with enormous stretches of beach, some full of surfers, some off bays packed with whales, some sporting nothing but your own footprints. Toss in two volcanic craters, one with a road that takes you from sea level to 3,055 meters (10,023 feet) and through tunnels of jacaranda trees. Then there’s the rain forest, which you can experience on a scenic drive so full of twists and turns and waterfalls that 83 kilometers (52 miles) can take most of the day. At the end, though, you’re rewarded with yet more falls, plus cool ponds perfect for a soak.

The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, sits under a steady blast of trade winds that sweep in abundant moisture. Kauai only gets about a quarter as many visitors per year as Oahu, yet it may be the island we all know best, thanks to its amazing topography, full of perfect waterfalls and lush knife-edged mountains. It’s called the Garden Isle for good reason and Hollywood can’t get enough of this backdrop, from White Heat in 1934, all the way through Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the 1976 remake of King Kong.


A stunning view of a crater in Nawiliwili.

This is a land of verdant rain forests bisected by sparkling falls. But the fiery element flares along the volcanic coast of Kohala and the roaring furnace of the Kilauea volcano: Lava has continued to seep from the crater since its last eruption in 1983. Once a busy fishing and farming area, Hilo blossomed into a commercial center for the sugarcane industry in the 1800s. Today’s town — its waterfront rebuilt since the last destructive wall of water in 1960 — flourishes as a hub of galleries, independent shops, farmers markets and homegrown destination restaurants. A world-class astronomy center has joined this mix, underlining the awe unfolding through the telescopes atop Mauna Kea (the world’s tallest peak from base to summit, outstripping Everest by 1,363 meters, or 4,472 feet!).

Fire and steam erupting from Kilauea Crater (Pu'u O'o crater).

Fire and steam erupting from Kilauea Crater (Pu’u O’o crater).

Both culturally and geographically, Hawaii’s Big Island divides into exact halves. The east is jungly, dark and prone to lava flows. The other side, the Kona side, grows all the coffee, and everyone wakes up early. The shapes of the hills and the way rain snags on ridges means Kona holds hundreds of microclimates. That’s how the coffee growers have flourished: Variations of only a few feet in altitude can result in very different brews. Thankfully, plenty of places exist to play and burn off a little caffeine around Kona. History lies thick on the ground, from Kamehameha’s heiau (temple) to the sacred buildings of Puuhonua O Honaunau (“The Place of Refuge”) to the bay where Captain Cook took his last breath. Whales love the Kona side, spinner dolphins live up to their names, and giant mantas slowly barrel roll up from the depths.

If you’re looking to find paradise on earth, join us for an island-hoping adventure to Hawaii that will leave you with breathtaking photos and even more vivid memories.

  • Kris S

    We’re so looking forward to the April 10th Circle Hawaii cruise. We need a break like crazy. Plus I’ll have retired 5 months before this cruise!

  • Vibeke Voll

    We have booked the Circle Hawaii cruise from Vancouver in April. We so much hope this cruise will sail and we can be allowed to travel from Europe this time.

  • Carol Hall

    We are booked on the circle tour out of Vancouver on April 10 th , been waiting for this cruise since July of 2020 ???

  • Rita

    So looking forward to our trip
    on the Koningsdam April 10th 2022 to Hawaii!
    We have just retired and ready to travel ! Anyone else in this cruise ?

  • Kenneth Dick

    Booked on April 2023 Vancouver-Hawaii-Vancouver cruise. When I booked shortly after cruise opened, order of island stops somewhat different. Booked my shore excursions then. Itinerary changed (understand fine print allows); but no longer showing excursions for ports for booking; though my booking itinerary shows the ones I’ve purchased (or Sea Days). So: when will the port shore excursions re-post?

  • Julie

    If the ports are the same but in a different order, they will just transfer the tours to the right date.

  • Kenneth Dick

    1. Any feel for when HAL Shore Excursions will finalize the excursions for the April 2023 cruise? Not sure why so slow – most of the excursions for the original cruise dates/itinerary were posted for booking shortly after the cruise opened for booking. This was almost a year ago (about 20 months pre-cruise).
    2. When HAL changed the cruise dates (pushed back by a few days), why didn’t I receive an email notice (like airlines do)? It was a moot point – only minor things (change insurance, parking, kennel dates). But, it might have been more of an issue if I had other plans (ie other vacations, work issues).

  • Julie

    Hi Kenneth, you or your travel agent certainly should have received notice of the change. Apologies that you did not. Please remind me of your exact departure date?

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