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Cruisin’ Dads: A Little Rain Doesn’t Bother Us

In 2000 my husband and I were cruising with my parents and his parents; I believe we were on the Zaandam. The last port was Half Moon Cay and my husband was playing volleyball so I went to the island with my mom and dad. It is not easy getting a blind man with two artificial legs onto a tender but we did it! But as we reached the island, it started to rain. I said “We are from SEATTLE, a little rain does not BOTHER US, we are GOING SWIMMING and we are going to have FUN!” Dad couldn’t swim from the beach because it would be too difficult to get clean and dry before putting his artificial legs back on, so Mom and I went swimming while Dad sat in the little chapel and sang and played his recorder. Other passengers would hear him and stop to listen. After a while we went back to the ship. It is much easier to get a blind man OFF a tender, the fabulous HAL crew just reached down and lifted him off! We went to the Lido pool and Dad took his legs off and got in the water! He died four years later, but I have great memories of my Dad. — Kari Knutson

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