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Yes, we Actually Rode a Camel!

James and I are four star Mariners and have enjoyed all of our cruises to many places in the world. We would like to share one of our favorite photos. This one, as you can see, was taken as we were riding camels at the pyramids in Egypt (in 2010). Our family back home could not believe it, but we have proof! The picture was taken by one of the camel handlers with my camera. I thought he did a great job! We’re looking forward to many more adventures with Holland America! — Tommie Kilgore

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  • Scott Lara

    Incredible Picture! That’s the great thing about Holland America Line. Unpack only once and travel the world, with pics to prove it!

    Truly #winning in my book!

    Scott Lara
    @scottlara1961 on Twitter
    3 Star Mariner

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