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World of Cruising Part 2: Native Tribes of Thailand

Here’s the second batch of photos from HAL Mariner Bradley Elliott, who sailed on Amsterdam’s 112-day Grand World Voyage earlier this year. He took tons of great photos while in Thailand, including these capturing members of local tribes in their native villages. Read more about his Grand World Voyage aboard Amsterdam, HERE.

Several hill tribes live in harmony. We saw Long Neck Karen or Padong, the beauty of women is their long neck. Also visited Lahu Shi Balah or yellow Lahu, women of this tribe have large ear loops. Also Akah, Hmong, and Mien tribes were located here. My favorite were the Long Neck Karen Tribe. I actually could not get over how beautiful I found them all. – Bradley Elliott

The Long Neck Karen Tribe

Another tribe equally interesting was the Lahu Shi Balah with there long ears.

The Akha Tribe were very friendly and posed for a group photo.

The Hmong Tribe invited Jeff to tour there home. He said and I quote “It was a wonder I did not fall through the floor”. But they were all very sweet.

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  • Dr.Doom

    How can they stick up their neck like that??? :/ :/

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