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Sharing Beautiful Photos in a 2013 World Cruise Book

Thanks to Mariner Bradley Elliott for sharing with us this stunning online photo book from his latest Grand World Voyage.

This is my fourth world cruise and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with Holland America. It would be my pleasure if you would share my photos on your blog. I learned this skill from the HAL Digital Workshops. World cruising with HAL is like no other cruising in the world!

After looking at all the pages you can then order a copy of the book if you wish. The pictures in the book are also available on my blog and they are free for the taking. I also learned this skill from the HAL Digital Workshops.


To access the photo book, click here to go to the My Publisher website.

Editor’s Note: This is a photo book made on a photo-sharing website. This is not a book sold for profit.

Holland America Line is a proud partner of Microsoft on the Digital Workshop powered by Windows program.

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  • Bradley

    Great job posting this. Another fine job by HAL Staff.

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