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Prinsendam Visits Devil’s Island

Prinsendam called on Devil’s Island, French Guiana, on Jan 11 on her way to the Amazon during her 2011 Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage. If you recall, the movie Papillion was based on the horrors of the prison here, where only 30,000 of 80,000 prisoners lived to tell about it. We anchored off of Ile Royale and tendered to the landing pier. Ruins of the old barracks, chapel, lighthouse and prison hospital are ghostly reminders of the prison complex at the top of the 70 acre island. The former guard’s mess hall has been restored and converted into a restaurant and hotel. Here are a few photo’s of the experience.

Jeanni Prescan is a concierge hostess on board Prindendam.

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  • Ray in NH

    Thank you for posting the photos. We were there on the Prinsendam during her 29 Nov 2010 Amazon Cruise. It looks as though you had drier weahter, despite this being the “rainy season”. When we were there it had rained earlier in the day and the sloping trail up to the plateau was somewhat treacherous. Still a hauntingly enjoyable visit.

    Ray in NH

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