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Prinsendam Helps a Small Fishing Boat

Concierge Hostess Jeanni Prescan sent in photos taken yesterday when Prinsendam came to the aid of a fishing boat whose crew were in need of food and water. It turns out that their water tank broke down and they were five days away from land. There was no other urgent matter and they had sufficient fuel on board. The ship used a crew member as an interpreter to communicate with them from the bow.

This small fishing boat was flagging Prinsendam to stop at about 4 p.m.

Communication with the fishing boat was through Grace, our photography manager, who spoke their language.

Providing assistance.

  • Isadora Altman

    Great job! Was on a RCL ship years ago when assistance was provided to a small fishing boat that had no power – probably saved some lives! Glad to see that at least at sea, we look out for our fellow travelers!

  • Paula

    Way to go HAL. Glad you took the time to stop and help out. Who knows when another ship would pass by them. HAL is #1.

  • Debbie Trey

    Just another example of HAL First CLass Service! Great Job!

  • Rosemary Manning

    Wonderful…..I am excited my HAL ship was there to help.

  • judy denekamp

    We always knew we were associated and were going along with the best Cruise Line (HAL) ever! See you in April. Judy and Jerry

  • Gracie

    Just love stories like that. No matter what, I still believe that there is more good than bad in people. This story just made my day.

  • Carol

    Tanks for sharing! Love to see and hear about experiences like these.

  • Bill

    Great Job guys, I always knew that HAL had great Captians and crew.

  • jeoffrey barbara

    very good job from holland america line you help and save the lives of the fishermen.
    HAL is super number 1 cruise ship line all over the world!!!! great job

  • Connie Dexter

    Amazing! How wonderful when one comes to the aid of another in need! In this case a large ship comes to the aid of a smaller ship far from land and in need of assistance. Well done HAL

  • Howard WELCH (mariner)

    So good to know that some still care about others first and that their buisness comes second

  • Suekath

    Wonderful team effort. Congratulations HAL.

  • Charli

    Your Awesome HAL!! We Love you!! We just got off one of your Dam Ships. You really know how to help a fellow man out. I’m sure those fisherman are very appreciative for your help and supplies.

  • Robert

    Just another example of why Holland America is such a ‘first class’ organization. Way to go.

  • Jerry Askey

    I really like the crew and most passengers on the HAL ships. My wife Beverly and I just finished an 11 day cruise to Mexico in Jan. 2011 and I am setting up a family cruise on Nov. 5, 2011. So far we have 48 family members on this itinerary. Way to go HAL!!!

  • Jan

    Way to go HAL and Prisindam…can’t wait to sail with you again!

  • Jackie Staggs

    I always cruise on Holland American, and this just shows what makes the line
    #1. In fact have a cruise coming up with my Son and his wife./

  • Mary Pavich

    HOL is in my opinion the best bar none! Going on my 17th cruise next month. Can’t wait. So wonderful to see that HOL was able and did help this smaller coat and crew. You deserve a STAR.

  • Jeff

    Great Job to the crew of the Holland America Ship. I was on Disney Magic last month when they saved some cubans who broke down in a home made boat

  • vincent

    good job…. HAL your the best

  • Sally

    I agree with everyone…HAL is #1. We seen it before, ie when crew encouraged guests to help out folks on Fanning Island. A cruise line with heart & compassion. Thanks!!

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