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Jaap’s Postcards from Prinsendam

We left Fort Lauderdale Jan. 4 for our cruise to South America and Antarctica. Beautiful weather so far and some interesting ports. As you may have noticed there is a lot of sand along the coast of South America. I have been told that a tsunami in 1100 threw this sand at the coast. There is hardly any rain in this area. In fact, north of Antofagasta is a place called Calama where it had not rained in 400 years but then rained in 1972!

Gatun locks, Panama Canal. In front of us the Wind Star and the Crystal Serenity.

Hotel Angela in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Nice place for the next Senior Management Conference.

Butcher in Salverry, Peru.

An Indian woman in Salverry, Peru.

The police in Lima, Peru were informed that the passengers of the Prinsendam were on their way to the city. 😉

Shopping centre in Lima.

The Prinsendam in Matarini, Peru. The “city” is visible at the left.

Matarini. His name must be Noah!!

Antofagasta, Chile. The Prinsendam is visible in the port.

Jaap Wisse is Prinsendam’s chief engineer.

  • Almuth Ewing

    I think La Policia in Lima were more worried about your prowess with your camera than about all those very senior passengers slowly “deplaning” the ship. For THEM they would not have barricaded themselves behind their shields !:-))—- As always: great photos !!

  • Tom & Carol

    Yes, the Hotel Angela would be a fine retreat for management to savor the area, cut costs, and announce shipboard crew pay increases….. don’t you think?

  • Dr.Doom

    Police are always exaggerate things everywhere and everytime.
    But this is great photo nonetheless.

  • Diane

    Funny that I should spot Heidi Z. and Achille in the background of the picture of the Indian woman.

    Say HI to them for me.

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