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Travel Blogger Ready to Set Sail Aboard Eurodam

Travel blogger Shanna Schultz is set to sail aboard a Eurodam cruise departing from Amsterdam on August 11. She will be documenting her sailing experience on her blog Here is part of Shanna’s first pre-cruise entry.

It is a good thing that I don’t believe everything that I read on the internet. If I did, I might think that the Holland America cruise that we are departing on in a couple weeks might not be a good fit for a couple like us in their 30′s. If you have been looking into a Holland America cruise, you probably already know the stereotypes to which I refer. “Old person cruise.”  “Floating nursing home.” “Everyone in bed by 8pm.” Well, I personally think that this is just a bunch of hogwash. Balloey. Bull stuff.

Are upscale food offerings, elegant ships, exciting ports just for old people? I think not. And who wants to stay up until all hours of the morning on a cruise ship? It just makes you tired when you have to get up early to get off the ship and go into port the next day.

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  • cc

    Please, I started sailing on HAL when I was 15 years of age… Yes there are many older persons that sail with the company and yes the casino does close at night… However, Holland America embraces the tradition of grand maritime venture! I will be embarking on my 12th Holland America cruise in December aboard the Ryndam and I am only 23!

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