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Rotterdam’s Plaque Exchange Ceremony at Southampton

Here are photos from the plaque exchange ceremony which took place on July 5 during Rotterdam’s maiden call at Southampton, United Kingdom.

From left: Hotel Manager Hans Dernison, Port Director of the Port of Southampton Thomas Dynes, Port of Southampton Marketing Manager Beth Evans, Captain Rik Krombeen and ABP Port of Southampton Douglas Morrison.

Southampton's Port Director Thomas Dynes and Captain Rik Krombeen.

Kateryna Bannikova is Rotterdam’s human resources manager.

  • Edith

    We were there for the historic transatlantic cruise. Had a wonderful time. We loved captain Krombeen for keeping us updated on weather and navigation all the time, especially during the windforce 8 and 6m waves the day after we left Southampton. We think he is a very capable captain, but we did have a few laughs about his name. Krombeen means “crooked leg” in Dutch, which sounds more like a pirate than a cruiseship captain!

  • Julie

    Haha! We never knew the meaning of his name, so we’ll have to tease him about it next time we see him. Thanks for sharing about your time on board.

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